SPH2 Luxor

The new Luxor SPH2 and its 32mm tube diameter, is the successor of our most famous and illustrious frame “Mizard”, winner of the KZ2 World Cup in 2011 . Thus, it could only have been born a product destined to win. Like the younger brothers and our entire range, the SPH2 shows maximum lightness and perfect craftsmanship skills in the realization. Only the best materials pass our tests and are chosen in the assembly phase.

This model is characterized by a greater structural rigidity achieved by the careful study of our engineers who through special devices have made basic changes that will improve the frame behavior. Proportionally, anther improvement has been done to the adhesion coefficient, a real landmarks of the category. The adaptation ability is unchanged, it can be able to adapt to every types of rubber and the general goodness of the frame in changes and setting. The versatility has always been our trump card and remains one of the strong points of our project.

The SPH2 model presents all the innovations introduced by Lenzokart. First of all, the facility of the frame adaptation to all drivers and introduction of the new model of adjustable heel-support. Another important innovation is the braking system, which has undergone a profound work of renewal. The monobloc calipecrs are machined from the tank and made of ergal with a special anti-wear and heat-treatment. In this way, it is possible to obtain a greater precision in producing with good quality of materials, not only use, but also in time, so always guaranteeing efficient performance. Especially in the KZ category the following evolutionary step is really important.

In this category, more than in the other, the use of an excellent braking system is fundamental for the competition. For this reason our components have been developed to obtain an amazing modulation and a perfect braking balance, to enhance the power of our plant in such a way that it can be used in full. The product quality is demonstrated, not only by the functionality but in the realization and in the refinement. The only possible reaction in front of our components is the whole astonishment and surprise to find something perfect. Every item is studied in detail for our customers satisfaction. The graphic frame on Luxor kart is unique; the fluorescent colors, the silver shade, the linear artwork and the brand, make the irresistible and charming our SPH2. Do like us, identify yourself.


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