SPH1 Luxor

The last frame generation of Luxor SPH1 starts from the previous development model, refining the strengths which have always allowed our drivers to occupy the top positions in the international karting scene.

The whole project was designed and implemented on the lightness concept. The result is a frame made of high quality materials, assembled in our modern laboratory and attached to the planning concept. The driving facility is evident from the start, from the first test on the track, thanks to the perfect balance, achieved by our engineers in the phase of study components.

Also the SPH1 models has the peculiarity to adapt perfectly to the various types of tires without the necessity of distorting the structure and maintaining high performance. The use of high quality materials is demonstrated by the way in which the frame reacts perfectly to the minimum setup changes. This characteristic allows young drivers who come from the lower class to adapt easily to the different driving styles, showing immediately competitive and able to fulfill their potential. The simple chassis adaptation introduces also the new adjustable heel-support model.

A deep renovation work was carried out on the braking system, a very innovative project. The monobloc calipecrs are machined from the tank and made of ergal with a special anti-wear and heat-treatment. In this way, it is possible to obtain a greater precision in producing with good quality of materials, not only use, but also in time, so always guaranteeing efficient performance. Especially in the KZ category the following evolutionary step is really important. In this category, more than in the other, the use of an excellent braking system is fundamental for the competition. For this reason our components have been developed to obtain an amazing modulation and a perfect braking balance, to enhance the power of our plant in such a way that it can be used in full.

In motorsport, the aesthetic factor is also an important factor and we could not ignore it. Simply it is visible the workmanship perfection of each component of Luxor brand. Our new design kits have been created to enhance everything, making a perfect frame with their charming line and unmistakable neon colors, that make the SPH1 the most watched on the race track. So, our drivers never go unnoticed, for sure.


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