Founded in 2015, Novalux is the official racing department of LenzoKart, a leading industrial Company. Lenzokart has 30 years of knowledge and experience in the industrial and mechanical field, supported by a highly specialized staff, cutting edge technology and high quality materials. In this way we are able to guarantee the whole satisfaction for our drivers and customers.
Managed by Michele Lenzo, supported by the whole company, thus guaranteeing the usual commitment that has always been profuse on the competitive level. Our human and technical resources are of the highest quality, as already shown over the years. The international victories and the results on the track are the proof of the quality system.
The racetrack , the dream and nightmare of the racing world, is here thanks to the constant work of development and improvement, the Racing Team is always present on the most important world circuits to compete for the International Championships.



Novalux keeps on looking to the future, in addition to the current range of products belonging to the racing world, one of the projects close to our heart for many years is the search for alternative energy. Thanks to our team of engineers, it has been developed an electric kart, which is both safe and performing, specifically for kids, was created with competition in mind. An electric kart championship is currently under planning in various cities.


Nowadays, the world is changing rapidly, so with this comes the change of traditions, habits, difficulties and consequently, solutions. Thanks to the constant commitment and dedication, Novalux is always attentive in the forefront of the development of new solutions, guaranteeing performance and innovation for the increasingly demanding future generations.