Luxor Ramses (mini)

The new Luxor Ramses is born from the base of its predecessor, winner of national and international race championships, from Italian League until the WSK and Amercian races like Las Vegas.

The great versatility and ductility remain the cornerstone of this frame, which allow the vehicle to adapt to each different condition of the track, without any modifications. Ramses always offers top performance with any type of rubber, working well with all types of axles, rims and hubs, ensuring optimal setup for young drivers. It is important, the ability to react to individual settings, even the young and less sensitive pilots can appreciate the effects of changes of every frame components.

Under this point of view, the new multifunctional steering column expands the setting range in combination with the Ackermann angle, revised and amended. The increased capacity and facility of insertion make the kart most drivable, especially for inexperienced drivers. This evolution process leads to a constant vehicle performance without a forced pace. Another new feature is the introduction of adjustable footrest, easily adaptable to all pilots.

The braking system is also reshaped, to prevent the performance decrease, due to excessive heating. This is obtained, thanks to the realization of the Ergal components, covered with a special anti-wear and anti-heat treatment. So, it can be ensured in time.

The adhesive design represents the Luxor buttonhole, full of silver and fluorescent colors, clear lines and highlighted brand. This refined model is one of most beautiful and noticed on the race track. Luxor Ramses, best in materials and in the aspect. Identify yourself.


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