Cayman Evo Lenzokart

The new Lenzokart Cayman Evo is born from the good base of its predecessor, winner of national and international race championships, from Italian League until the WSK and Amercian races like Las Vegas.

Versatility and ductility are the fundamental principles of this frame, which allow the vehicle to adapt easily to every different condition without modifications. The cayman grantees top performance with any type of rubber, working well with different types of axles, rims and hubs and it always makes sure of optimal setup for young drivers. The most important thing is the individual setting ability through the less sensitive drivers can appreciate the single effects of frame’s change.

Under this point of view we introduce the new multifunctional steering column in combination with the Ackermann angle, revised and amended. The result is an increased capacity and facility insertion of making most drivable kart, especially for inexperienced drivers. The natural effect of this evolution is the performance constancy of vehicle which leads to a superior race pace, although unforced. Another improved feature is the introduction of the adjustable footrest, adaptable to all pilots.

The braking system is improved and reshaped for better performances, to avoid a decrease due to the excessive heat which would go to affect its functionality. This is obtained thanks to the realization of Ergal components, covered with a special anti-wear and anti-heat treatments so even a perfect duration in time.

Last in this order, we are glad to show you the renewed design of sticker kit; its bright colors and strong forms, makes the Cayman a small work of modern art.


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