LK Electric MINI

Lenzokart is proud to present the new innovative electric kart, designed and built in accordance with the highest quality standards and made by innovative technologies in order to obtain high performances.

Main characteristics are:

  • operations parameters setup possibile via Bluetooth;
  •  dual cooling system and intake;
  • high energy efficiency;
  • no maintenance;
  • impermeability.


The electric engine is mounted on our homologated Chassis, both Lenzokart and Luxor. Are available 2 different Models: Puffo Chassis ( kids from 5 years ) and Mini Chassi ( kids within 13 years ).

Are available 3 different power units: 850 W, 1250 W e 1500 W, each model lets you drive about 45 minutes at full power and the battery can be fully recharged within one hour and half. Moreover it has been developed a controller in case of dangerous situation, it works even at 800 meters far and the kart can be switched off immediately. There is also an additional brake system sensor, which don’t allows the driver to brake and accelerate at the same time, very useful especially for the battery life.


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The future is electric, step into the future.